Email to Mayor Linda Jackson from John Ruspantini, Sept 17, 2020

Dear Mayor Jackson:

Attached is a letter that Paul Connett and I drafted in response to Tom Elter’s Aug 1 letter (  Mr. Elter’s letter has been touted by some in the community as proof that all of NBB’s concerns have been addressed and it is now time to build us an battery incinerator, recycling facility, or whatever you would like to call it.  

Well those assertions are false.  In the attached letter, you will see that we have systematically refuted all of Mr. Elter’s comments and revealed that the PFAS issue in lithium ion batteries is much bigger than we originally thought.  

So please understand that our concerns have not been resolved, at least as of yet, if ever.  
Furthermore, Fred Akshar, and three County Legislators (Matt, Dan and Greg)  have recently called for a full Environmental Impact Statement on this matter, which should have never been bypassed by DEC.  Their letter is also attached to this email.

Thank you for understanding that in NBB’s professional view and in the view of other local leaders, this matter, with regard to numerous regulatory deficiencies, remains unresolved.


John J. Ruspantini, CHMM, PMP
Technical Advisor to NBB

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