Endicott Mayor responds to vote to change zoning laws, impact on battery facility

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson says a vote taken by the Village Board Thursday has no impact on whether SungEel’s controversial battery recycling facility can operate in the village.


The Board of Trustees for the Village of Endicott voted three to two to approve a change to the zoning law.


In a statement sent to 12 News, Mayor Jackson said the following:


“The vote taken last Thursday by the Board, has NO impact on whether the battery recycling facility will be allowed to operate in the Village of Endicott. The Department of Environmental Conservation, issued the only facility permit that is required. Information about their thorough review and findings can be found on the Village website.


This code change was meant to clarify and add restrictions to protect the Village for all current and future recycling facilities operating in our Industrial Zone. A building permit for SungEel is being granted with or without these stricter recycling guidelines or restrictions. The only thing this misinformed group and petition can accomplish is to defeat the additional protections we are putting in place.”


The Department of Environmental Conservation’s approved the permit for the facility earlier this year.

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