Letter: A recycling plant near population is bad idea. By Hal Fischbeck.

June 7, 2020.
Press & Sun Bulletin, Binghamton, NY, Page A11.

I just read that Mayor Jackson didn’t feel there were any proven problems with the battery recycling.

Ever wonder where all that stuff going up the stacks went? One was my car, across Hooper Road from Maine-Endwell High School. In ’63, EJ was using them. Some of the output ended on my car every morning. It is one thing to breathe leather ash; another, battery plant output.

You do realize that it is not just lithium that gets heated up to a 1,000 degrees; it is also its containers. That is what is sent into the air. Have they proved it will be safely dispersed, and how they will continue to adapt to the future substances?

If the output is really so benign, why dump it up into the sky? Why not release it at street level? Actually, it will be nose-level for close residents!

Such facilities are needed, but installing one upwind from a large population area is a disastrous idea. Actual proof may well come in 10-year cancer stats.

Hal Fischbeck


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