Letter: Endicott battery plant affects everyone

By Olwen Searles
June 28, 2020
Press & Sun Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page A10.
While many of my neighbors and I have been protesting and organizing opposition to the lithium ion battery incinerator proposed for the Village of Endicott, it has become apparent that there are forces involved which do want it.

An example would be two recent op-ed pieces where neither writer lives in Endicott. It’s always easy to endorse something that won’t be belching toxic chemicals in your own front yard.


However, there are more disturbing proponents, and they sit on the Village of Endicott board of trustees.


Our mayor, Linda Jackson, apparently does not care about these facts and, instead, tries to mollify us with her pretzel logic, complete with untruths and misinformation. Even with the majority of residents soundly against this toxic invader, she and her two trustee cronies try to push their agenda. The reason behind those motives are open to interpretation. A village run by clique is not representative of the voters.


The DEC revoked the initial air permit, since SungEel did not fully disclose the entire realm of chemical soup that would be incinerated at their site. Further investigation is needed by the DEC. If SungEel has already started off their endeavor with subterfuge, what can be expected? If they are allowed to move forward, will we also be looking backward 20 years from now at new cancer data?


Endicott has already felt the consequences of industry that was approved. We are still living in a Superfund left by IBM and Endicott Johnson. While their contributions to the area were considerable, the waste and toxins left in their wake are still monitored 60-plus years later.


If we were truly seeing “green technology” being used, we wouldn’t be fighting so hard to keep these polluters out of Endicott. However, incinerators are not green; in fact, they are old, antiquated, ugly and toxin producing.


If you don’t think this pertains to you, since you live in, say, Apalachin or New York City or Vestal, think again.


We are all responsible to demand clean air, clean water, clean futures for our children and grandchildren.


If you want to become involved, please go to No-BurnBroome.com and help us fight for everyone’s right to live and work without worry from toxins.


And vote to remove leaders who don’t represent you. It’s the least we can do for a better future.


Olwen Searles is an Endicott resident.


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