Letter. Endicott mom against battery site

By Amanda Smith, Endicott
October 25, 2020
Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page 13A.

Many have heard about the fight to save Endicott from the proposed SungEel incinerator. Scientists and professionals have spoken out against it.

I am speaking out as a mother and Endicott resident. I am adamantly against SungEel coming to our backyards, literally to my backyard. Toxins will fill the air where our children and pets breathe, lay on the grass, and play. Toxins will fall through our air onto yards, playgrounds, benches, into pools.

The factory on Robble and storage facility on Franklin pose dangerous fire and explosion risks. The same is true about trucks that will make daily trips into and out of Endicott carrying highly flammable lithium-ion batteries on our village streets. This is not a company that belongs in the middle of a village on the same street as homes and parks. It should not be in the same area as families. This is not the Endicott I want our children growing up in.

Furthermore, we residents are sick of our mayor lying about us. We are not anti-business! We are against dangerous business that will bring no tax revenue and 20 measly jobs to Endicott.

Join “Mamas Against Sungeel in Endicott” on Facebook to learn more.

Amanda Smith, Endicott NY

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