Letter. Endicott should learn from past.

By George Fiedler, Endicott
October 25, 2020
Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page 13A.

Having heard, watched and read in print ad nauseum over several months that there is a “group” within the village of Endicott that are apposed to having industry within the Huron Industrial Campus, I feel compelled to write.

It is important to understand it is true that Endicott has been an industrial town for 100 years. Endicott Johnson, then IBM, then the impact of the toxic plume and all that came after, which placed the village in decline. Everyone thought that heavy industry was a plus, and it was true. Endicott became a shinning gem. However, if we knew then what we know now, the activities of heavy industry would be handled much differently considering the health impact to the population.

I am under the impression that Endicott should be 100 years smarter and presently conclude that it is unable to sustain an habitable environment in which to safely live, breath and be merry should they allow heavy industry, let alone an lithium ion recycling incineration plant. Which, by the way, will be sending its valuable metals yield to South Korea.

Cleaner industry without effluent stacks emitting dangerous chemicals would be more advantageous. The group is steadfast to Endicott’s survival.

George Fielder, Endicott NY.

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