Letter. Fearmongering by Endicott mayor

By Mark Ponzi, Guest Columnist
October 25, 2020
Press and Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page 13A.

I am writing in response to the guest viewpoint by Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson in the Sunday paper dated Oct. 18.

The mayor of Endicott has stooped to lows by “fearmongering” as it pertains to the SungEel recycling project slated for the Huron Campus.

There are several misstatements made by the mayor, which seem to be her MO.

SungEel is not bringing tax revenue to the village. They are slated to lease space from Huron.

SungEel does have a burning process which she quoted as not having. If you don’t wish to call it incineration, so be it; however, there is burning in their process.

Using scare tactics such as you will be covered by the state police is wrong. The state police have been part of local police support in all of Broome County forever. I, for one, am a proud supporter of law enforcement in general. Talking about the water/sewer bills needing to go to $818 is utter nonsense as well. This mayor has been on the village board for several years as both a mayor and a trustee. If we want to talk about costs to upgrade the water and sewer infrastructure, she also must speak to the mismanagement that allowed the infrastructure to deteriorate on her watch.

I walk around the village on a daily basis and am just plain disgusted with the trash under the Oak Hill Viaduct, along North Street, and the lack of enforcement of our laws by Code Enforcement.

Just maybe by stopping the spread of misinformation and working toward making this village presentable to businesses that wish to relocate here and have them pay their fair share of taxes, she would be more successful.

Mark Ponzi is an Endicott resident.

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