Letter. Has Endicott learned from its past?

By Ellen Tiberi
Press and Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY.
September 13, 2020

I grew up on Endicott’s Northside, where my mother, brother, and third and fourth generations of our Italian-American family currently live.

A video “Square Deal Towns” shows the Triple Cities rejuvenation due to university sprawl, sprouting of small business, and beautification of the architectural brilliance of Johnson City and Binghamton. Endicott needs these kinds of changes, not non-green industry such as SungEel’s battery “recycling” process.

During this 100th anniversary of the Square Deal Arch, I reflect on all that George F. Johnson did for my ancestors. It was not known then what is known now about the harm toxic chemical processes could cause EJ workers. IBM perhaps unknowingly spilled TCE but didn’t hold themselves accountable for causing residents diseases, cancers and hardship.

In this 21st century, have we learned from mistakes of the past? Endicott badly needs economic rejuvenation, but at what expense? If government and environmental officials cannot protect residents, who will? No Environmental Impact Statement. Little thought to storage of 2 tons of flammable batteries in a flimsy building abutting a NYSEG substation.

Thank you to Endicott and Binghamton residents, and Trustee Dorner and Trustee Warner for fighting for Endicott. Endicott needs a square deal, not a raw deal.

Ellen Tiberi, Ipswich, Massachusetts

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