Letter: Look who’s against battery plant

By Robert M. Tiberi, Endicott
October 11, 2020
Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page 21A.

The incinerator that Endicott Deputy Mayor Cheryl Chapman and Mayor Linda Jackson want in the center of Endicott is opposed by everyone.

Some oppose the outright audacity of the idea. Others ask for a full Environmental Impact Statement or for open forums so the public can understand the dangerous dioxins and PFAS that will be spewed into the air.

Below are those who are publicly against the incinerator or demand more studies or information:

1. Online petition with 4,500 anti-incinerator signatures.

2. Facebook group with 2,000 anti-incinerator followers.

3. Union-Endicott School Board — letter to Mayor Jackson on May 6.

4. 57 anti-incinerator residents spoke against it at the May 7 public hearing.

5. 160 anti-incinerator signatures of property owners bordering the Industrial zone.

6. State Sen. Fred Akshar — open letter , Aug. 22.

7. Broome County Legislator Matt Pasquale — open letter, Aug. 22.

8. Broome County Legislator Greg Baldwin — open letter, Aug. 22.

9. Town of Union Council Resolution was unanimous, 5-0, on Sept. 2.

10. State Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo — open letter, Sept. 22.

Robert M. Tiberi, Endicott

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