Letter. Mayor makes incorrect statements

By Ellen Connett
Press and Sun-Bulletin, page A11, Binghamton NY.
November 1, 2020.

The Oct. 18 op-ed from Mayor Linda Jackson of Endicott was full of incorrect statements.

Many of her constituents are deeply concerned about the health impacts from the proposed lithium-ion battery project. Their concerns are legitimate, not least of all that many still are dealing with cancers from past industrial toxic releases. Mayor Jackson has utterly failed to grasp the depths of their concerns.

This isn’t the only issue Jackson failed to understand. After George Floyd’s murder on May 25, at a time of worldwide condemnation of racism, Cheryl Chapman (D), deputy mayor of Endicott, posted on Facebook, “White Lives Matter!!!! Bet you wont [sic] repost.” And Mayor Jackson (R) reposted.

On July 8, the Broome County Democratic Party issued a statement: “… The recent actions of the elected leadership of the Village of Endicott are not only racist but a dereliction of duty that both the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor were sworn to uphold … As a result of the above, The Broome County Democratic Committee is formally requesting the immediate resignation of Cheryl Chapman, Deputy Mayor of the Village of Endicott and Linda Jackson, Mayor …” Neither resigned, and Cheryl Chapman is running for re-election.

Ellen Connett Binghamton

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