Letter. My accomplishments in Endicott

By Cheryl Chapman, Guest Columnist.
October 25, 2020.
Press and Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY, pages 12A-13A.

In my year as deputy mayor, I tackled many issues and created opportunities. I am committed to continue to work full time for all the Village of Endicott residents.

After defeating challenging medical conditions, I am focusing all my energy on restoring our village.

A vote for Cheryl Chapman is a vote for proven, safe, clean-energy technology companies, and goodpaying entry-level jobs.

I am the most invested candidate for the environment. Solar, wind and lithium ion batteries are becoming more prominent as an energy source. We must replace fossil fuel and combustible engines with clean energy technology. Our future depends on it.

What I already initiated: Attracting investment: A flight school to our Tri-Cities Airport, solar farm at the wastewater property, electric car chargers in the Union district, Verizon cell boosters for phone and internet service on Washington Avenue, soliciting a glass recycling facility.

Attracting jobs: While others want to get rid of all industry in Endicott, leaving our economy destroyed, I am working on making our village into a “clean energy” destination by promoting our opportunity zones.

Making our village more attractive: Aiding the mayor on the Main Street and Greater Binghamton Fund grants, working with the street department to clean up our streets, sidewalks, and parking lots, the Broome County Land Bank to have a dilapidated property demolished on Roosevelt Avenue.

I continue to build, grow and restore village finances: I worked with the Street Department supervisor, and the fire marshal, to enforce solid waste codes that have been in place for many years, but not followed. We are in the process of auditing the collection program and billing systems and have already made significant savings. We have saved the village $150,000 so far!

There is nothing constructive the anti-battery people can accomplish with all their lies and misleading information. They have no facts to prove this is not a safe process. Many have said they do not care how safe this is, they do not want any industry in the village, even though this has been an industrial area for over 100 years. EJ’s factories were there long before the houses and ballfields.

My opponents have done nothing for the village, even though the mayor has offered committee appointments. They are making promises of things we have already done! Burlingame talks about the “Broken Window Theory” for crime prevention. We have had this for a year now! Dorner wants to use surplus to balance the budget. We have no surplus! By law, we must maintain a contingency fund for emergencies, but we cannot use It to fill holes in our budget. Their history of not accomplishing anything for the village is proof. They only work on their personal agendas.

We are impacted by the crisis of uncertainty, economically, politically and socially. This is daunting, yet I remain excited and optimistic that we can thrive.

Choose a candidate based on what they have already accomplished, not empty campaign promises!

Cheryl Chapman is deputy mayor of the Village of Endicott.

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