Letter: People should vote on Endicott plant. By John Vasilchik.

June 7, 2020.
Press & Sun Bulletin, Binghamton NY, Page A11.

In reference to the proposed battery recycling plant, I believe when it comes to something detrimental to the community well being, the community should vote on it, not the mayor or trustees.

It smells fishy to me that this project was pushed through so quickly. Any pollution from this will further decrease property values for time to come, and harm residents exposed to this. So who gains by this? Not the people of this valley, as some would like us to believe, but by greedy outsiders looking to profit at our expense.

Myself, working in this valley and others, have been exposed to enough contamination for a lifetime. So my vote is NO to this dangerous under taking.

John Vasilchik


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