Letter: Permit came during the pandemic

Press & Sun Bulletin, Binghamton NY. April 12, 2020

By William Huston

On March 30th, Gov. Cuomo’s DEC issued an Air State Facility Permit for Sungeel MCC Americas proposed Battery Incinerator in downtown Endicott, during a pandemic, and while everyone is home under curfew.

Bloody hell, what’s the rush?

DEC assured us in the SEQRA “Negative Declaration”, that there is “no identified creation of a hazard to human health”, despite that at least 3 known carcinogens will be emitted.

DEC also told us, “The proposed action is consistent with local planning and zoning requirements. There is no identified creation of a material conflict with local land use plans.”  A hazardous waste incinerator is not a permitted land use in the Village according to local laws.

The applicant never approached the planning board, and never even obtained a building permit!

We were granted no public hearing, and no protections as an Environmental Justice Community. The DEC has kept the community in the dark, and worked more as a project co-sponsor rather than a steward for the environment.

Ordinarily, there is a 30 day window to appeal with an Article 78 lawsuit, but all of the courts are closed to non-essential filings. So this facility will get constructed, and there is NO RIGHT TO REMEDY.

Nice going, Governor.

William Huston


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