Letter: Remember the past when considering battery plant

Press & Sun Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page 9A. April 26, 2020

Your Turn
Christine Ellison
Guest columnist

Are all of you aware of the planned opening of a lithium battery recycling plant by company SungEel MCC Americas that is currently renting the property at 801 Clark St. on the Huron campus?

As background, this would be the first-of-its-kind facility here in the United States. SungEel MCC America’s joint venture partner, SungEel HiTech, currently operates a similar facility in South Korea.

Public records issued by the state Department of Environmental Conservation about the SungEel Hi-Tech plant in South Korea show dozens of toxic chemicals could be involved in the recycling process. SungEel MCC Americas told 12 News that emissions will be monitored, controlled and tested to meet air quality standards (no doubt by SungEel MCC America’s own inspectors).

Lithium ion batteries are known to be highly flammable and linked to fires and injuries across the U.S.

Based on this and the environmental impacts certain to happen, I am wondering how this could be possibly have been up for approval at all? My understanding is that this area was totally decimated environmentally, economically and, most importantly, socially by the IBM plume. Isn’t that cleanup still underway?

Opening the door to further destruction is NOT the answer, no matter how badly our village needs local businesses.

Mayor Linda Jackson has stated that results from safety study are still out; results not in yet. I am anxiously awaiting the public release of this study; however, depending on who is doing the study, you do the math.

I say, do we really need to ask if this is hazardous? Let’s use common sense and a knowledge of our past to protect our future.

Public hearings are currently underway. Your support is needed; let’s keep our area safe from this environmental disaster in the making.

Christine Ellison is an Endicott resident.

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