Letter. Responses about battery plant

By Paul Connett
Press and Sun-Bulletin, page A11, Binghamton NY.
November 1, 2020.

In her Opinion piece on Sunday, Oct. 18, Mayor Linda Jackson claimed that “No burning is a requirement of the air permit that SungEel already signed. This is proof that this ‘no burn’ group is not legitimate. There is no burning and no incinerator is coming to Endicott.”

The truth is:

1. There is burning. The lithium-ion batteries are heated in a kiln, and the toxic gases produced are burned in an “afterburner.”

2. While the DEC does not classify SungEel’s project as an “incinerator” for regulatory purposes, SungEel’s process involves incineration. It is a semantic game to pretend otherwise.

3. NoBurnBroome’s science team has explained this many times (see NoBurnBroome.com for our position paper).

4. It is not NoBurnBroome that is behaving unprofessionally, but Mayor Jackson. She continues to spread false information. Sadly for the village, she is not up for election on Nov. 3.

Paul Connett Binghamton

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