Letter: The future of Endicott is at stake

Your Turn
By Linda Jackson, Mayor of Endicott
Guest columnist
October 18, 2020
Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton NY).

Do you want a vibrant and healthy economy? Or, see our village turn into a “ghost town”?

Many claim they are for safe, green, businesses to come to Endicott. The first time we actually have an opportunity for one to come here since IBM left, they are against industry! Yet, they have brought no alternatives.

If the anti-battery people succeed in driving away industry, the economy will disintegrate. Our budget has suffered with all the tax revenue we lost. This loss of jobs and people to support our businesses will add to our economic downfall.

Empire State Development has been referring businesses to other areas because Endicott has a reputation of not being business-friendly. This constant harassment will reinforce that.

Our village will become insolvent, and the state will take over.

We could lose our village police — to be replaced by state troopers. Our taxes will soar. The state comptroller has determined that our water bills need to increase. At a water department meeting, our engineering firm representative told me that the New York state comptroller is recommending our water rates go up to $818 and sewer up to $818 every six months. The state will impose this increase if they are in charge. This will affect the village and Town of Union.

Candidates want to take over the village, changing our ways of doing things. Giving up our court, code, planning and zoning boards to the town. We will have to pay the town to run these, and not save the village any money.

Many candidates are caving into special-interest groups and “passing the buck” for responsibility on issues, telling us to be sure these companies are safe. We already did our due diligence! They are safe. Some are telling the DEC to do research on the PFAS issue. If they had done their “homework,” they would discover the DEC has been investigating this for two months. Any politician who asks for more facts, has not bothered to do any research on their own!

The DEC has proved there is no incinerator. No burning is a requirement of the air permit that Sungeel already signed.

This is proof that this “no burn” group is not legitimate. There is no burning and no incinerator coming to Endicott. It is a manufactured crisis by people manipulating the truth for political gain. Those 4,000 signatures are from all over the world. Dr. Connett has these contacts to protest everything, no matter what or where. Part of the professionalism of this enterprise. Look for the facts! Demand real proof, not just internet stories about companies that have nothing to do with Endicott.

We are actively advocating for researched, responsible and safe businesses to come to our Industrial Zoned Area.

Many are afraid of making their position known for fear of harassment. If you do not get out to vote, you will share in the consequences of the outcome!

Linda Jackson is the mayor of the village of Endicott.


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