Letter: We’ve seen enough contamination

By John Vasilchik, Endwell
May 10, 2020 Press & Sun Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page 13A.

Hasn’t there been enough contamination in this valley from the Endicott Johnson Corp. and the IBM Corp. that we now have to add to it with a battery recycling plant? How much more can this valley endure from the cancers these two companies have given us?

I don’t care what anyone tells us; there will be contamination leaked out from this operation. Not only you will have to suffer from this, but generations to follow.

If this goes through, vote the people out that OK’d it, and write or call state representatives to tell them this is not right, there is enough pollution in our soil, air and water. We must draw the line somewhere, and that was yesterday.

John Vasilchik Endwell


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