Letters to the Editor against battery recycling facility

The following letters to the editor and guest columns were published in the Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin.

Dec 20, 2020. Letter: Battery opponents do want industry for Endicott. By Carol Layton.

Nov 22, 2020. Letter. Past pollution shows how vulnerable Endicott is. By Terri Farrell.

Nov 1, 2020. Letter: Responses about battery plant. By Paul Connett.

Nov 1, 2020. Letter: Mayor makes incorrect statements. By Ellen Connett.

Nov 1, 2020. Letter. Making Endicott a business-friendly village. By Nicholas Burlingame.

Nov 1, 2020. Letter. Trustees should work for residents. By Patrick Dorner.

Oct 25, 2020. Fearmongering by Endicott mayor. By Mark Ponzi.

Oct 25, 2020. Endicott mom against battery site. By Amanda Smith.

Oct 25, 2020. Endicott should learn from past. By George Fiedler.

Oct 10, 2020.Look who’s against battery plant. By Rob Tiberi.

Oct 4, 2020. Letter: Rebutting the Endicott mayor and the DEC. By John Ruspantini.

Sep 27, 2020. Letter: Thanks to Lupardo for Endicott request. By Paul and Ellen Connett.

Sep 27, 2020. Letter: Some questions for the mayor on Endicott proposal. By Olwen Searles.

Sep 13, 2020.Letter. Has Endicott learned from its past?. By Ellen Tiberi.

July 12, 2020. Letter. Same recycled answers from battery plant. By Kathy Nichols.

June 28, 2020.Letter. Endicott battery plant affects everyone. By Olwen Searles.

June 28, 2020. Letter: Endicott plant a risky experiment. By Paul Connett and John Ruspantini.

June 7, 2020.Letter: People should vote on Endicott plant. By John Vasilchik.

June 7, 2020.Letter: A recycling plant near population is bad idea. By Hal Fischbeck.

May 31, 2020. Battery recycling plant is dangerous, not green. By Paul Connett.

May 31, 2020. A lot we don’t know about battery process. By John Ruspantini.

May 24, 2020. Letter: Burden of proof is on recycling plant. By Mike Mee.

May 10, 2020. Letter: We’ve seen enough contamination. By John Vasilchik.

May 3, 2020. Letter: A dangerous site for battery plant. By Paul Connett.

May 2, 2020. Don’t change zoning law for battery plant. By Carol A. Layton.

April 26, 2020. Letter: Battery plant would bring toxic hazards to Endicott. By MaryAnn Dorner.

Apri 26, 2020. Remember the past when considering battery plant. By Christine Ellison.

Feb 9, 2020. Letter: Battery recycling plant would be dangerous. By Olwen Searles.

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