NoBurnBroome Timeline: April 2020

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These resources were previously featured in April 2020 as important announcements on the home page.

April 20, 2020. What happened at the April 20th Public Hearing

•• Approximately 70 people signed into the Zoom meeting
•• The Mayor then cancelled the hearing on the basis that she had questions for the DEC. She never shared what those questions were about.

April 29, 2020. Press Conference at Logan Field, next to the facility

See the location of the facility by drone video. Courtesy of Cody Malchak.


In the photo the two stacks are atop the proposed Sungeel carcinogen-emitting facility.
The floodlights for the baseball field are between the two stacks.
April 29, 2020 Press Conference. Photo by Vera Scroggins.

May 2020 Timeline

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