NoBurnBroome: Timeline July 2020

These resources were previously featured in July 2020 as important announcements on the home page.

July 1, 2020.  Recording: June 30, 2020 SungEel public Q&A

July 2, 2020. Recording: NoBurnBroome People’s Town Hall July 2, 2020.  

July 3, 2020. Review of SungEel MCC’s Community Information Meeting June 30, 2020. No Burn Broome

July 19, 2020. Letter: Endicott leaders have troubles with listening. By Rita Foran. Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton NY, page A11.

July 20, 2020. Public Hearing Held for Repealing of the Recycling Facility Zoning Law. By Paul Beam, FOX40 News, Binghamton NY.

July 20, 2020. Press Release: Science Committee of NoBurnBroome sends letter to Gov Cuomo; Endicott Village Board holds Public Hearing on Recycling Facilities.

July 23, 2020. NoBurnBroome sent out a Press Release on a report we received from a South Korean environmental group on SungEel’s operation there: “The working conditions are poor, which results in frequent quitting of workers.”

July 25, 2020. NoBurnBroome led a march against SungEel’s battery-incinerator.  The July 25 march was a success! We had a great turnout. 85 people marched from Logan Field to 801 Clark St, the site of the proposed operation.

Solidarity and creativity infused the day while singing attempted to lead the way with “We Don’t Want Incineration” to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and an easier popular version of: “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Sungeel Has Got to Go.”  To add to the excitement, the march was filmed by Michael and Nicholas Yacovoni which included a video by drone. The brothers will enter their submission into Life in a Day of July 25 – an international project headed up by film director Ridley Scott. Spectrum News sent a news reporter from Ithaca and the interview captured the spirit of the march – it’s available here.

The following video is from Michael Yacovoni and Nicholas Yacovoni

July 30, 2020. Public Hearing Held by Zoning Board of Appeals: “Regarding an appeal of an alleged zoning determination related to a battery recycling business called SungEel MCC Americas, LLC on property at 801 Clark Street in Endicott, New York.“
The ZBA did not make a ruling and the Code Enforcement Officer committed to checking out the situation at the SungEel building. Public hearing was rescheduled for August 20th at 6pm.



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