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May 6, 2020.  Letter from Nicole Wolfe, Superintendent of Schools and Dick Testa, Board of Education President, Union-Endicott Central School District; to Mayor Jackson and Village Trustees

May 7, 2020. The Trustees vote of May 7

What happened at the Public Hearing at Village of Endicott Board of Trustees meeting:
•• Approximately 250 people signed in to the Hearing
•• 57 people spoke out against the Vote
•• One person spoke in favor, but with reservations
•• Click to Watch it in its entirety on You Tube (4:48:40)
•• Online Press & Sun Bulletin article
•• Read the Press Release we sent out on May 5.

Endicott’s Village Trustees voted 3-2 for the Zoning change to allow the Lithium-ion battery recycle-incineration facility to operate in Endicott. Two trustees voted against the Zoning change: Ted Warner and Patrick Dorner. 290 people signed into this Zoom meeting. The vote is being held in abeyance to allow the counting of signatures on the Supermajority Petition.

The Trustees who voted for the Zoning Change said that they trusted the DEC to protect them. Had the residents of Endicott known about this trust they would have told their Board members that the DEC’s Air Permit, legally allowing the release of known human carcinogens, was of no protection to them, and that Endicott residents are still suffering with the cancers caused from chemicals released years ago from IBM and others in Endicott.

May 8, 2020: Press Release on Vote
May 9, 2020: Press & Sun Bulletin on May 7 Vote

May 13, 2020: The NoBurnBroome attorney calls upon the Village Board to rescind the vote.

May 15, 2020: Letter from NY State Senator Akshar to Mayor Jackson: Don’t rush into this.

We need everyone to ask officials, representing Endicott, for Help!

THANK YOU Senator Fred Akshar II for responding to requests. In his May 15, 2020 letter to the Mayor he asked:

“..before any formal decisions are made by the Village Board regarding the approval or disapproval of this project, I believe it’d be prudent to hear all sides of the argument and make sure our constituents’ perspectives are being taken into consideration.”

We need an immediate intervention from those who have a responsibility to protect the Village of Endicott. From one-on-one conversations with key officials we are finding that they were unaware of the serious dangers posed by this project. We ask that you please email, or send a letter, to the officials listed below asking for their help. You can use these sample letters for ideas, or just copy & paste. If you do the latter, please write an opening sentence explaining how long you have lived in the area.

NY Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo <>
NY State Senator Fred Akshar <>
County Legislator Greg W. Baldwin <>
Broome Health Director Rebecca Kaufman <>

 May 16, 2020. Press Conference: Don’t Burn Our Future

The organizers LeeAnna Adams, Lindsey Smolinsky and Mackenzie Forkey at the May 16 Press Conference. Photo by Jared Smolinsky. See more photos here

Press Coverage: No Burn Broome’ Press Conference Brought Endicott Residents Together to Protest the Recycling IncineratorBy Valerie Puma. FOX 40 News, Binghamton NY.

See the location of the facility by drone video . Courtesy of Cody Malchak.

Dear Mayor Jackson & Deputy Mayor Chapman

In response to your Opinion piece published on May 17, 2020 Battery recycling part of building green economy
Are the carcinogens identified in the DEC Air Permit part of your Green Economy for Endicott?

May 18, 2020: Village of Endicott Board Meeting – YouTube

May 18, 2020. Letter from Congressman Anthony Brindisi to Mayor Linda Jackson.

May 21, 2020: Press Release. DEC Delivers Setback to Endicott’s Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Scheme

May 28, 2020: 154 Environmental Groups signed letter to DEC Commissioner and Empire State Development Corporation head asking for withdrawal of $1.75 Million taxpayer subsidy and a Full Environmental Impact Statement.

See Letter signed by the 154 organizations.
See Press Release154 Environmental Groups From Around the World Raise Serious Concerns About Proposed Lithium Battery Incinerator Proposed in Endicott, New York


May 31, 2020: Two Opinion pieces in Press & Sun-Bulletin:
• Battery recycling plant is dangerous, not green. By Paul Connett.
• A lot we don’t know about battery process. By John Ruspantini.


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