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10 Arguments Against the Proposal

The photos of NoBurnBroome events are available to all those who will use them without commercial benefit. We ask that attribution be given to the phtographer /or NoBurnBroome.

This picture tells it all. The site of SungEel’s proposed incinerator that will be used in the process to recycle lithium-ion batteries. If approved, it will spew out toxics directly into this neighborhood.
Another aerial view of the site of SungEel’s proposed lithium-ion battery recycling operation that will use incineration in its processing.
The roof of the building to house the proposed incinerator to be used in the process of recycling of Lithium-ion batteries in Endicott.

July 25, 2020: March Against Sungeel.

May 16, 2020: Press Conference at the Johnny Logan ballpark.

May 2020: Electronic sign on Main Street, Endicott.


May 2020: Map of Endicott’s industrial zoned area

April 2020: Photos of the facility & neighborhood

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