Press Conference: “Don’t Burn Our Future”. Noon on Saturday, May 16.

Press Release –  Updated May 15, 2020
Contact: LeeAnna <>
No Burn Broome

Noon on Saturday, May 16
Where: At the Johnny Logan baseball field in Endicott

This press conference will be at noon on Saturday (May 16) at the Johnny Logan baseball field in Endicott. It has been organized by three concerned young women from the Endicott area. They are Mackenzie, LeeAnna and Lindsey. Their overall message is a plea to the Village Trustees, who have hitherto supported Sungeel’s battery recycling plant coming to Endicott.

The purpose of the Press Conference is to show how all residents, especially the younger generation, are fearful of their future if the lithium battery recycling-incinerator moves into our residential neighborhood.

The facility is planned for the corner of Robble and Clark, across the road from where people live and adjacent to where kids play baseball.

According to LeeAnna, “We want a lot of people to join us so that we can fight together to make sure no toxic chemicals reach our front doors, our water supply, the air we breathe or the ground on which children play.”

Mackenzie added, “I am deeply concerned and saddened that our Mayor and two Village board members do not consider the public outcry against this plant. It seems as though they do not care about what the people have to say, especially due to how quickly this has been happening – in the midst of a pandemic nonetheless. Many residents are still unaware and in the dark about things, and many questions have gone unanswered.  We want our voices to be heard and our questions answered.”

Lindsey added, “I have friends who planned on raising kids in Endicott, but now that there’s an increase in health risks, they are considering starting their families elsewhere. That is one of the reasons why I have spent a lot of time making a videotape that puts a spotlight on some of the Mayor’s statements who does not seem to appreciate the dangers of this project. She seems to be relying on the company’s word and not on the extensive knowledge of the experts who have joined our group.”

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