Press Release: Lawyer for No Burn Broome says Endicott Village Board must rescind zoning change for the Sungeel facility.

May 13, 2020
Press Release from No Burn Broome

Today the attorney for No Burn Broome sent a letter to Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson and Village Board Members requesting that they rescind the local zoning law they voted for on May 7th. The next board meeting for the Village of Endicott is Monday, May 18. Should the majority of the Trustees ignore the “red flags” in this letter then the next step would be for No Burn Broome to sue the village.

In her letter, attorney Claudia Braymer stated, “Due to numerous procedural errors, the local law that was voted on last Thursday, May 7, 2020, is invalid… A lawsuit to annul this local law will cost the Village precious time, resources and funds.”

Two of the several errors pertained to not meeting review criteria in the Village code and the failure to comply with the NY State Environmental Quality Review Act.

The controversial zoning law that was passed attempts to allow Sungeel to operate a carcinogen-emitting facility that will use incineration in its battery recycling process (see the DEC’s Air Permit). Without the zoning change that was voted on, the Sungeel facility could not operate in the village of Endicott.

No Burn Broome will hold a press conference at the Johnny Logan Park baseball field at 12 noon on Friday May 15. More details to follow.

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