Background of the Lithium Battery Recycling/Incineration Project in Endicott

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The Village of Endicott’s Board of Trustees is the entity to approve this project. The Mayor and 2 of the 5 board members are in favor of the project. They deny the fact that this project will use high-temperature incineration.

  • Name of the Facility: SMCC LIB Recycling Facility
  • Proposed Location of Facility: 801 Clark Street, Endicott, NY 13760
  • Owner: SungEel MCC Americas LLC, 222 Bloomingdale Rd, White Plains, NY 10603
  • Owner Contact: Yum Kwanghyun (same address) Tel: 914-714-2541
  • Facility DEC ID: 7034600218
  • Air State Facility Permit ID: 7-0346-00218/00001, issued March 30, 2020

First SungEel Press Release on Endicott Project, Sept 27, 2018. Excerpt:
“SungEel MCC Americas (SMCC) will be the United States’ largest and most environmentally friendly recycler of lithium-ion batteries. The Endicott, New York facility will commence operations in January 2019, create over 100 hi-tech jobs, and recycle over 5,000 MT of spent lithium-ion batteries. SMCC is a joint venture between New York-based Metallica Commodities Corp. and South Korea-based SungEel HiTech.”

Press Release on SungEel Joint Venture with Metallica Industries. April 2, 2018: Metallica Commodities Corp. LLC (MCC) and SungEel HiTech Co. Ltd. (SungEel) today announced the establishment of a joint venture which will redefine the North American lithium-ion battery, e-waste recycling, energy and metals markets… Joint Venture to be North America’s Largest and Most Environmentally Friendly Recycler of Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIB).

The Applications of Lithium

Rechargeable batteries for a variety of devices like mobile phones, laptops,
digital camera and more utilize lithium. Certain non-rechargeable batteries
for items like clocks and pacemakers also make use of the metal. Lithium metal
can also to form alloys with aluminum or magnesium, which is used for armor
plating and in aircraft, bicycles, and trains. Lithium carbonate is used in the
field of making glass and ceramics. It is also involved in producing aluminum.
Lithium stearate is used in cosmetics, plastics, and its grease is used in aircraft
and marine applications as well as other areas.Reference: World Atlas

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