SungEel MCC Releases Statement On “Misinformation” Being Shared

October 25, 2020 (updated from Oct 23)
By Austin Tanner. FOX 40 News. Binghamton NY.
Original online here

Sungeel MCC America, the company that is bringing a new ion-battery recycling facility to Endicott, released a statement on Friday in response to misinformation being shared by local groups against the initiative.

The full statement is listed below:

“We at SungEel MCC Americas have always been committed to being fully transparent about our plans for operation at the Huron Industrial Park as well as the science-based decisions we have made to move forward with a recycling project that we, as well as our third-party consultants, know will greatly benefit of the community of Endicott,  the Southern Tier, New York State, and society as a whole.  Those who are truly interested in benefitting the environment understand full well that this project not only allows the reuse of important natural resources necessary to the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, it will help greatly reduce the amount of waste batteries which are landfilled.  This technology becomes even more important as the use of such batteries increases each and every day.

However, as we approach a pivotal election, both locally and nationally, we are faced with false choices created by those with hidden agendas who base their opposition on fear and junk science.  SungEel MCC Americas strongly believes that the misinformation that has been shared by such groups in this case, is both completely false and defamatory in nature, with the sole intention of generating unwarranted fear.  This will undoubtedly harm the economic prosperity of this Village and the State, which would benefit from this type of clean industry. During this pivotal time, community welfare seems to have taken a back seat to unfathomable personal agenda. We encourage the citizens of Endicott to trust the facts and make decisions with science and reason in mind, and not eliminate a promising technology because of anger relating to actions of unrelated companies decades ago.  We gladly refer anyone who needs more information to our previously released documents and public responses already issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.”


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