The Zoning Change Needed for the Lithium Battery Recycling/Incineration project

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A Zoning Change is the one hurdle that needs to be voted on before the project can be allowed to start up. To do this, the Village of Endicott’s Board of Trustees will vote on adding this to the Village Code on May 4 at a Zoom Public Hearing:

A facility used for the receiving, temporary storage, disassembling, and processing of a single category of pre-sorted recyclable object.

The key word of concern here is processing which is vague and not defined. This definition would allow the objectionable use of incineration and any other high-temperature treatment  –  not just with this project, but with any other “recycling facility” which uses incineration in the industrial zoned areas of Endicott – and that includes 400 acres.

No Burn Broome wants this definition to be rewritten to exclude incineration any other high-temperature treatment in the Village of Endicott.

Incredulously, the Mayor of the Village of Endicott is quoted in an April 29, 2020, article in the Press & Sun Bulletin, the county’s newspaper:

Endicott Mayor Linda Jackson said altering zoning rules provide the only viable route to local oversight on the recycling operation…

“Recycling is a manufacturing process,” Jackson said. “It has been allowed for many years. There is no definite definition, so we can add that with restrictions now. We must get this done before this company sets up their process.”

Residents are encouraged to attend the

Public Hearing for the Zoning Change on Monday, May 4th at 7pm

and ask the Village Trustees to Vote No to the Zoning Change

Join by computer:  Meeting ID: 884 5294 6080
Join by phone: 1-929 436 2866, Meeting ID: 884 5294 6080

Previously, the Mayor of the Village of Endicott held a Hearing via Zoom on April 20 for this Zoning change to allow the public to make comments and for the Board of Trustees to vote on. There were over 70 attendees on Zoom that evening when the Mayor announced she called off the Hearing because she had questions to discuss with the Department of Environmental Conversation. She did not share those questions with the attendees and she didn’t ask for their opinions. The Mayor’s comments were vague and confusing.

This is what the recycling-incineration project owners are looking forward to! This resolution was prepared for the Village Trustees in anticipation of their vote for the Zoning change on April 20! Thankfully the meeting never occurred!

We will keep you updated.

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